We're working hard to bring you the unspeakable wonders of Jet Rat as soon as we can (might still take a year, mind you), but we deeply and honestly understand if you are already craving for more and more rattastic stuff. And who we are to deny you your desires? Below you can find a gallery of really weird, pre-pre-pre-prototype videos, a fine assortment of promotional and concept art, and some other exceptionally useful images that will change your life. And maybe other, even crazier thingies. Please enjoy!

Promotional art Wallpapers Concept art Videos

Promotional art


Click images for full version. Mind you, they're huge.

Much more coming soon! Feel free to feel the anticipation!


Concept art

Characters - Early concepts

Click images for full version.


Early internal testing (prototype)

These videos are not representative as of the project's current state... they just happened.

A very early Constrattor (Jet Rat editor)

Early version of the inventory system

Lighting & atmospherics test

Super-early physics test

Basic scripted environment test

Lead tester got lost in the Constrattor...

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