The world of Jet Rat is full of original, unique characters that you can meet and have interactions with. From the many stand out the selected few of this little collection, whose influence, power, desires and actions will set in motion the greatest events the City has ever seen since it's founding, events that will lead either to a cataclysm or a catastrophe of somewhat lesser extents. Oh, wait! You got to be the hero—maybe you have something else in mind?

Lt. Reno Ratzinger

A distinguished and highly overqualified officer of the once proud Ratlantic City Police, Lieutenant Ratzinger is one of the very few—if not the one—last true lawrats remaining in the City. Riddled with a childhood tragedy of his own, Ratzinger’s focus on solving petty malfeasances of greed slowly but steadily shifted toward unraveling the pieces of the greatest crime plot ever: that of the rise and reign of Hector LeBlanc III.

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Hector LeBlanc III

The ascendancy of Hector LeBlanc from a neglected, unwanted twelfth child to self-appointed Mayor (and common knowledge crime lord) of Ratlantic City is a sad, yet quite edifying story. To truly understand it, we’d have to enter the history of the LeBlanc’s, and that of the City’s long-running political games, and see all the disgraces and greedy mischiefs that happened in generations passed.

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