A "rattastic" world awaits

Enter and explore the "Playground of the Sewers," the magnificent Ratlantic City, "where the Blessing always flows!" Indulge yourself in the infinite happiness brought to this steamjunk rat world by the rule of the just Hector LeBlanc III, and... Oh, wait! Maybe you'll have to defeat a horde of his lackeys, embark on an epic journey into the deep to learn some long-forgotten secrets, lead a revolution, (learn to fly), and put the corrupt kingpin of the city in his place for good. Easy-peasy!

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A unique mix of genres

Sure, you've heard of puzzle-platformer-RPGs before, but not quite like Jet Rat! Climb, jump, crawl and fight your way through the dangers and baffling mysteries with a sophisticated, intuitive, but complex character- and inventory-system in the background! Interact with the world and its inhabitants, collect and craft stuff, discover your secret haggling skills on the Ratlantic trade-market. Revisit zones to solve the unsolvable, find secret areas filled with treasures! Just mind the traps!

Be who you want to be

The City needs a hero, but not all heroes are the same! Be the rat you'd wanna be! Customize your character from head to tail! Choose your sex, build, fur color, hair, eyes, ears, nose, whiskers and more! Custom-tailor your clothing and equipment, find rare pieces! Just don't forget: it's more than a vanity fair! All your decisions will impact the fate of the world! And maybe a great attribute bonus on a pair of boots is more important than how it looks. But it's not 100% proven.

More rattastic stuff

Learn more about the world of Jet Rat, the project, our team and other interesting topics (* 100% satisfaction guarantee by the LeBlanc Consortium) by digging deeper in the... materials. Oh, well.

Meet the characters

Get to know the most important, most badass or charming (or both) rats and ratesses in the Sewers. A dedicated roachservant is on the way with many more dossiers, please indulge yourself in what you can find until he gets back. You know how he is. Or maybe you don't. Yet.

Show me the files, roachservant!


Read about the current state and planned future of the project, view footage and pictures from a very, really, truly early prototype of the game. Also some crazy stuff. You might also find some information about the team. Might not. But we're working on it! (Yes, those are roachservants.)

You think you're ready for this? Fine.

The Taily Herald

Ratlantic City's critically acclaimed, most popular, always authentic and only newspaper is where you get the latest—well, who'd have guessed—news on all important and absolutely irrelevant events in the Sewers. Read it like you're life depends on it, don't make Mr. Quacks angry!

Reading it, reading it!

Media & souvenirs

Enjoying your stay in Ratlantic City? Good. Don't forget to bring a few mementos home. We have wallpapers, and... Well, we do have a couple of wallpapers. Oh, some concept art are your heart's desire? We have those, too. For you, you furless giant, it's even free of charge!

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